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(Doctor of Physical Therapy) 

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest,  a deep love and appreciation for activity in the great outdoors came naturally to Matt. From an early age he could be found mountain biking within the local hills, surfing, or fishing for trout in coastal streams.


His childhood activities became more adventurous as the years went by, and he would go on to climb every major peak in Oregon, become an avid fly-fisher and develop a passion for wild fish conservation.

However, as is often the case, it took a major life-changing event to help Matt find his “calling.” During a high school snowboarding trip, he broke his back. While he can remember the pain and difficulty he experienced during this time and the months that followed, what left a lasting impression was the care he received and the Physical Therapists who worked at his side helping him build the strength he needed to get back on his feet.


In 2014 Matt chose to pursue Physical Therapy as a career, knowing first hand how rewarding this work could be. He is now dedicated to meeting each patient he sees where they are at in their own personal path toward recovery, helping them reach their mobility goals.

These days Matt continues to enjoy being active outside, spending time with his wife and two sons, teaching them to love the outdoors through example.





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