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Andrew Physical Therapy Orthopedic & Sports Rehab features the latest "hands-on" techniques, technology and equipment that physical therapy has to offer. Our recently constructed, state-of-the-art clinic is outfitted with only top equipment including ultrasound, electrical stimulation, hot/cold packs, digitally controlled spinal traction, game-ready vasopneumatic compression and cryotherapy, whirlpool and iontophoresis non-invasive drug transport. We even offer Wii Fit Exercise Technology! 

In addition to the finest equipment, we also feature a warm, caring and relaxed atmosphere that will make you feel comfortable while you are being treated. Each of our staff members has a passion for the both the profession and helping others. 

We understand that some conditions are extremely painful and this is where our "hands-on" approach can really help! All of our staff are skilled in soft tissue and joint mobilization techniques to help take the edge off your pain so that you feel like moving again. Lessening your pain can make progression in your exercise program a very natural and easy transition. 

Our skilled staff is ready to help propel you towards your rehab goals no matter what your condition. We will help motivate and encourage you every step of the way. 

Call today to let us help ease your pain! With proper treatment you can feel better! 

We are preferred providers on most insurance panels and we acccept most insurances plans. Click here for more information about Andrew Physical Therapy and your insurance. 

Oregon Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Chapter Member

Andrew PT extensively provides sports medicine services for

Linfield University and McMinnville High School.

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